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ADI Product Model Number Summary Sheet  A one page quick reference sheet with ADI model numbers.  Very handy for Engineers, Architects and End- Users
Healthcare Reference Table Lists the recommended room pressurizations (directional airflow) for rooms in a Healthcare Facility.
Laboratory Reference Table Lists the recommended room pressurizations for rooms in a laboratory and Animal Resource Facility.
ASHRAE Feb/2003 reprint "ROOM PRESSURE FOR CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTS" Describes the recommended differential for supply and exhaust airflows in critical rooms such as healthcare isolation and protective rooms.
AJIC Paper on Room Pressure/Airflow Direction Indicators Independent article published in the American Journal of Infection Control evaluating different types of Room Pressure Monitors and Airflow Direction Indicator.
Tech Bulletin-Minimum Room Pressure Lists the recommended room pressurizations (directional airflow) for rooms in a Healthcare Facility. Adobe format
Tech Bulletin-Fire Rated Walls Discusses Fire-Rating of walls with respect to the NFPA Life Safety Code  and also ADI's fire-rated wall application. Adobe format
Tech Bulletin-Smoke Transmission Through Openings in Healthcare Patient Sleeping Room Walls Discusses how ADI limits the passage of smoke as required by the NFPA Life Safety Code. Adobe format
Tech Bulletin-CMU/Concrete Walls Discusses installation of ADI's indicator in CMU or concrete walls. Adobe format
Tech Bulletin-Switchable Pressure Rooms Discusses where switchable pressure rooms are not allowed and when they are, ADI's two available products for the switchable room.
Suggested Locations for Visual-Only & Visual-plus-Alarm Indicators Shows where the indicator may be placed when locating the units near doors to the room of concern. Adobe format
Visual Plus Alarm Field Component Layout Shows the relationship between the three components of the Visual plus Alarm Indicator setup. Adobe format